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We are proud to have served the Fayetteville community for over 30 years, and we remain a close-knit community of parents, teachers and students. Many of our joyful learners still keep in touch with us while they attend college, and frequently we have students drop by to re-visit their Montessori roots. Some of our students have even returned as adults to conduct workshops for us or to complete their own Montessori teacher training and internship under our supervision. Our alumni reflect the connection between a child’s Montessori experience and a young adult’s sense of community service and continued joyful learning.

Montessori School of Fayetteville provides a non-competitive environment in which students can satisfy their natural desire to learn. Mixed age grouping allows younger and older children to work together, using hands-on activities at their own pace.  Directresses follow the child’s interests and readiness levels when presenting lessons. Children remain in the same classroom throughout that program.

Our classrooms are carefully prepared and maintained, creating spaces which surround students with plants, natural light and attractive materials. Students develop a sense of order, independence, respect and courtesy. Each classroom is designed to meet the developmental periods of children.


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